Get a discount for 2021!

There will be continued updates to this page until Dec 2019 when these prices, coupon codes and other info will be completed.

Thanks to all who took advantage of the previous years’ pricing and paid in advance for 2020, we are afforded some luxuries that enable us to negotiate pricing in a few different areas and helps us keep costs down for so many things.  Plus there are so many that actually prefer to pay this time of year.

It’s been so successful that we are doing it again!!

So, if you pay in advance for Winterfest 2021 you may take a $20 OFF from the 2020 EB pricing!!

IN ADDITION!! you can take another $10 off if you pay by cash or check!

But you MUST pay in full by January 31, 2020.  There can be no exceptions to this.  You MUST pay in full by that date.  Please do not ask after January 31 for the discounted rate, it is not fair to those who have met the deadline.

This is open to EVERYone.  BUT you must pay in full by that date. These rates will self destruct on January 31, 2020! AND we’ve made it a little easier this year to do it.

2021 rates will be subject to contract negotiations with the hotel and all vendors, but not yours if you take advantage of this discount!

How it works:
You would choose the option or make the same choices that you made this year (2020), add to cart, add the coupon during check out and see the discount.  Hint:  There are some cases where you may find the rate actually lower than what you’d paid previously!

Click HERE for those 2020 rates.

Click HERE to pay in advance, then:

USE COUPON CODE: SNOW20off to receive your $20 discount!
USE COUPON CODE: CASH10 to receive your $10 discount if paying by cash or check.

Remember, this is only valid through Winterfest 2020!

OR you may access it by:

1. At the top right side of the page, in the SEARCH bar type: 2020

2. Hit enter

3. Make your choices

4. Add to cart


6. That’s it!