– Pay in full by October 31, 2018

THE FOLLOWING IS 2019 INFORMATION PAYMENT PROCESSING for those paying in full by OCTOBER 31, 2018.

Your LATE WinterfestMD 2019 registration has been received, however payment is required to secure your spot, you should be receiving a confirmation email shortly, please review and let us know if there are any corrections needed.

To continue to secure your registration, your payment must be made in full before 10/31/18.

In order to receive the posted rates, your payments MUST BE received BEFORE the payment deadline date, otherwise the next month’s fees apply.

If you are unsure what your plans will be for the weekend, you don’t know how many days you will be staying or how many of your friends are able to come, don’t fret.  Reserve and pay the rate you believe to be the case.  We can make changes up through December 1, 2018.  As long as you are paid in FULL by the correct date, that month’s rate is secure for you, even if we make changes later.  That tier will not change.  Just make sure you note on your registration that your plans will change.

Choose the option below that you wish and click ADD TO CART.
To add more options make sure to click on CONTINUE SHOPPING
from the pay screen to come back here and add options if you’ve made a mistake.

If you would prefer to NOT use PayPal and mail in your payment, please make your selections below to ensure you are getting the proper charges (if you are eligible for discounts this is important) and then hit submit, only note the dollar amount you should be paying and then mail your check/money order for that amount to:

PO Box 342
Chester, MD 21619

If you do not have a PayPal account it’s ok, you don’t need one.
Click ‘add to your cart’
Then click ‘Check out’
At the bottom of the screen where it asks you to log in, there is an option that says:

Don’t have a PayPal account?
See : “Use your credit card or bank account (where available)
Click ‘continue’ and you can move forward without logging in.

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if you would like to make deposits towards your final bill you are able to do so here in $5.00 increments. We will touch base with you before any Early Bird deadlines regarding your payments and balances due. This deposit option will be available year round for when you are ready to begin depositing for the next year also.




You must have attended Winterfest in the past to qualify for these rates, if not CLICK HERE!




2 nights, checking in Friday night and checking out Sunday morning.

EB Basic -2 nights


Check in Thursday/Check out Sunday – or – Check in Friday/Check out Monday

3 nights

EB -What day will you arrive?




ALUMNI – 4 NIGHT WINTERFEST PACKAGE:  Check in Thursday / Check out Monday

4 nights




Stay 1 day or 5 days, it’s up to you! Meals: Friday night; Sat/Sun breakfast; Saturday lunch included.

EB -Cropping Only





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