– Cancellation Policy


Due to the contractual nature of this of event we are obligated to the hotel to deliver what we’ve promised in order to guarantee our great pricing.  Because we sign the contract early to guarantee our rates and services, we have to adhere to a strict cancellation policy. Although we will try very hard to meet your needs and work with you to the best of our ability we will have to adhere to these dates.

All reservations MUST be paid in full by August 31, 2024. If there is a wait list, those people will be cleared the next morning to secure any spots left vacant because of non payment.

If you cancel before September 30, 2024 : You may receive a full refund with only credit card processing fees deducted.

If you cancel between October 1, 2024 and November 30, 2024 you may receive a full refund minus a $50.00 processing fee + any credit card processing fees deducted. Regardless of the number on the wait list.  This is a Winterfest cancellation policy.

If you cancel after December 1, 2024: No refunds will be processed.

However: you may receive your refund IF and only if  YOU replace yourself and handle that transaction. Winterfest will not fill your spot, or handle the transaction for you.  As there have already been expenses incurred on your behalf, as well as a deposit to the hotel on your behalf.  No refunds can be made after this date.

Thank you for your understanding.